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Our Church & Health

Hilldale's Action Plan for Health Concerns Surrounding Coronavirus and COVID-19

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Response Announcement:

Loving God. Loving people. Making this world a better place!

The physical and spiritual health of our people and our community are of paramount importance to us! The Leadership Board and staff of our church prayerfully consider the information we receive from the scientific community, government leadership, and our local public health experts. This information, coupled with recommendations from the UMC Episcopal Leadership (Bishop's) Office, is all considered and evaluated regularly to make sure we are responding quickly and effectively.

Four Phased Re-Opening

Phase 1 - COMPLETE

Phase 2

We are back in the building and thankful to be together, but church still looks different as we navigate creating safe and meaningful environments. 

  • Safe Worship - 9:00 am Sundays. Our Safe Worship Service is specifically designed for the more vulnerable members of our congregation. This service is limited to guests over the age of 65 (spouses or direct family who share a home are welcome to attend with you!) or with underlying medical conditions. We will be honoring the traditions of Hilldale UMC with this service, while making the necessary adjustments to ensure our highest level of safety for those attending. (Click here for more info)

  • Open Table Worship - 11:00 am Sundays. This service allows for family groups, or groups who have already been in contact with each other, to gather around tables in the CLC for shorter services. We will provide coffee and donuts, or bring your lunch! Open Table will be a unique offering of worship and discipleship through music, teaching, and safe small group discussion. This would be a great event for Sunday School classes to attend together. Kids are always welcome at Open Table and we also have "Family Rooms" where families can reserve a room around the top of our CLC where the kids can play and have activities while the parents sit on our balcony and enjoy worship with everyone else!

  • Virtual Worship Continues - You can always find our worship services on Facebook and YouTube. Our worship service premieres at 11:00 am on Sundays and then stays available permanently as a video you can watch anytime. You can view those services here... (Click here for more info).

**There will be no specific Children's activities or group nursery provided during Phase 2** but there are safe "Family Rooms" during Open Table (Click here for more info).

We are planning for more allowances and worship services beginning later in Phase 3, and a more open policy as we move toward Phase 4. Those Phase details and expected beginning dates will be released as we move closer and as we have more information to help guide our guidelines and planning. 

Connecting with Each Other

One of the most difficult aspects of our current pandemic has been the isolation and disconnection from familiar relationships, places, and comforts. It is VITALLY important that we stay connected to each other in new and creative ways.

To start, connect with the church through social media. If you don't already have an account with Facebook, Instagram, and/or YouTube then create one and use the links below to "like", "follow", and "subscribe" to the church so you can keep up to date with the latest information and opportunities.

Next, check on the people you know. Call them, text them, and drive by their homes. Our church Care Team is taking care of our homebound, sick, and those in crisis. We need your help continuing to reach out to everyone in our congregation.

We also have a weekly "Hilldale Happenings" email that keeps our church informed of what is going on. Subscribe to that in this quick form below...


We are a people of prayer and God's house is a house of prayer.

Pray for the sick, for healthcare workers, for businesses in trouble, for those who are lonely, for out-of-school kids (and parents), for our government leaders, for those living in fear, for each other, and for our church.

Start each day with a time of prayer, asking God to heal our land and make God's presence felt among us!

Offer Hope & Foster Community:

Our vision for this next temporary period is to find new and creative ways to offer the hope of Jesus Christ and foster community with our people. Our community needs you to be doing this too!

What does offering hope & fostering community look like?

  • Taking a video study together as a class
  • Log onto our Amplify Curriculum Library here:
  • Having Sunday School by Conference Call or Video Chat at 9:45 am
  • Writing cards to the homebound or other members
  • We are working on missional opportunities for you too, stay tuned! 

You have to call, text, message, meme, gif, email, Facetime, Marco Polo, snap, DM, drive by & shout "I love you!", video conference, and throw rocks at windows with boomboxes on your shoulders like you were 16, in love, and your parents forbid you from being together!

Make time in your calendar and energy to stay in contact with each other and bring other people into those connections!  Check out our BE the Church page for ways you can help during this time of need. We will update it as we have new ministry opportunities available.

How will we support not meeting for worship financially? We need you to GIVE

We are living the mission of the church even though we are apart. 


We are supported through your gifts and ask you to continue to support the mission of our church even though we are not in the Sanctuary on Sunday passing the offering plates. Frankly, We need you to continue giving.

Don't let your attendance stand in the way of your financial faithfulness. Call the office if you have more questions or would like help with the process.

Program Ministries:

What about my kids or youth?

Youth can join Hannah for a devotion that’ll be sent through Remind every day. If a parent or child is not signed up for Remind, download the app, or use this link: Feel free to share prayer requests or just chat with Hannah through Remind texts. 

We will also have a video lesson for youth on Sunday mornings that will be put on the website ( and the Hilldale UMC Youth Facebook page.

Our children will have access to the Children's sermon every week via our Hilldale Kids page or during Virtual Worship. You can also check out this page ( and the Hilldale UMC Kids Ministry Facebook page for weekly activities and posts with encouragement and lessons from Ms. Kim!

Meetings, Groups, and Administrative:

In response to our local county order, our staff are still working but the offices are closed. Call us to make an appointment for building use or to meet with one of the staff. All you have to do is give us a call, txt, or email and we will be with you ASAP!

Administrative meetings are taking place via video conferencing and email. If you have a question about how to join your team then contact your team leader.

Adult groups and Sunday school classes are currently meeting virtually. If you are interested in joining a group then use the "Contact Us" link below and let us know. We'll call you and walk you through what we offer, what you are looking for, and how you can join!