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Church Activities Suspended Through April 26th

Hilldale's Action Plan for Health Concerns Surrounding Coronavirus and COVID-19

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Response Announcement:

Suspending Church Activities through April 26th:

All church activities, on or offsite, are suspended through April 26th. We plan to worship again together in the Sanctuary on May 3rd, and will confirm with you the week before.

The United Methodist Church, in coordination with the health authorities and national and state government leaders, are asking all church services and activities to suspend through April 26th. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, it is the priority of the church to protect each of you. Suspending services is the best option for continuing to be the church and also caring for our at-risk members: those over 60 years old and those with compromised immune systems. 

We will continue to utilize new and creative means of communication to promote a reduction in exposure to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 while still offering community and the hope of Jesus to our people. We can no longer rely on showing up Sunday to connect us with God and each other. Things have changed and if we don't adapt RIGHT NOW then we have the chance of drifting apart. Your wonderful staff and leaders are working diligently to invent new ways of being the church without being face-to-face. 

We have had so many wonderful people ask us what they can do to help during this church suspension. Check below for things that you can do to help our church continue its mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Worshiping Together at 11am Online:

We will worship together online at 11am via our Facebook page. Just search Hilldale United Methodist Church and follow us on Facebook! You can also find us at <hilldaleumc.org/worship> which will direct you our Youtube page which will also host each week's service broadcast.

This worship service will be interactive! You can check-in, register guests, post prayer requests in real-time, sing along, recite the Apostles Creed & the Lord’s Prayer, give your tithes & offerings, have a Children’s Moment with your family, and hear a message of hope and faith. And you can SHARE our service with the world online!

Please plan to be with us at 11am on Sunday!


We are a people of prayer and God's house is a house of prayer.

Pray for the sick, for healthcare workers, for businesses in trouble, for those who are lonely, for out-of-school kids (and parents), for our government leaders, for those living in fear, for each other, and for our church.

Start each day with a time of prayer, asking God to heal our land and make God's presence felt among us!

Offer Hope & Foster Community:

Our vision for this next temporary period is to find new and creative ways to offer the hope of Jesus Christ and foster community with our people. Our community needs you to be doing this too!

What does offering hope & fostering community look like?

  • Taking a video study together as a class
  • Log onto our Amplify Curriculum Library here: hilldaleumc.org/amplify
  • Having Sunday School by Conference Call or Video Chat at 9:45 am
  • Writing cards to the homebound or other members
  • We are working on missional opportunities for you too, stay tuned! 

You have to call, text, message, meme, gif, email, Facetime, Marco Polo, snap, DM, drive by & shout "I love you!", video conference, and throw rocks at windows with boomboxes on your shoulders like you were 16, in love, and your parents forbid you from being together!

Make time in your calendar and energy to stay in contact with each other and bring other people into those connections!  Check out our BE the Church page for ways you can help during this time of need. We will update it as we have new ministry opportunities available.

Why are we doing this?

This decision was made for two main reasons: care for our at-risk population and to “make the world a better place” by acting on behalf of community health.

The spread of the coronavirus and its infection, COVID-19, have the ability to severely impact our healthcare system unless the spread of the virus is slowed to a rate that our healthcare system can handle. 

This means groups do not need to meet and individuals need to take part in “social distancing.” This essentially means keeping away from others and not contracting the virus or spreading the virus to others or to surfaces that can be touched later. 

Learn more about prevention and social distancing from the CDC (click here).

How will we support not meeting for worship financially? We need you to GIVE

We are living the mission of the church even though we are apart. 


We are supported through your gifts and ask you to continue to support the mission of our church even though we are not in the Sanctuary on Sunday passing the offering plates. Frankly, We need you to continue giving.

Don't let your attendance stand in the way of your financial faithfulness. Call the office if you have more questions or would like help with the process.

Program Ministries:

What about FUEL and other ministries?

We are going to work with the FUEL program to continue providing food to students who need it, especially if schools are canceled and there will be children at home without food. We are hoping we can help the county FUEL program in even more ways in this time of crisis.

FUEL is seen as an essential ministry during this temporary suspension and pandemic. All other ministries are considered suspended unless given explicit approval and work through a plan with church leadership.

What about my kids or youth?

Youth can join Hannah for a devotion that’ll be sent through Remind every day. If a parent or child is not signed up for Remind, download the app, or use this link: https://www.remind.com/join/hilldaleu. Feel free to share prayer requests or just chat with Hannah through Remind texts. 

We will also have a video lesson for youth on Sunday mornings that will be put on the website (hilldaleumc.org/youth) and the Hilldale UMC Youth Facebook page.

Our children will have access to the Children's sermon every week via our Hilldale Kids page or during Virtual Worship. You can also check out this page (hilldaleumc.org/kids) and the Hilldale UMC Kids Ministry Facebook page for weekly activities and posts with encouragement and lessons from Ms. Kim!

Meetings, Groups, and Administrative:

What all will be suspended?

All onsite activities, events, programs, and affiliated church groups are suspended through April 26th. This includes church events as well as outside groups that use our facility and/or property. Only essential staff should enter the building. If you have a key, but are not a part of the designated staff team, you are asked not to enter.

Can we meet off property?

We ask that you suspend all meetings until we announce a reopening of the church and its activities. If you choose to meet offsite, please understand that you do so at your own risk and are acting against the recommendations of church leadership.

Is the office open?

Physically, no. Virtually, yes. The physical office, like all church activities, is closed. However, we will be available during normal office hours by email or phone. <office@hilldaleumc.org> and 931-647-2249.

What if I have a crisis?

Contact the church office by phone or email, or call the Pastor’s direct line at 931-218-2976 and leave a message if no one answers.