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Open Table at Hilldale UMC

Worship, Fellowship, and Discipleship for Everyone! 11:00 am Sunday

Open Table Worship - 11:00 am on Sunday!

Worship is back!

We are so excited to begin worshipping together again!

What is Open Table and who is it for??

Open Table is a service for everyone designed around engagement and community, while still maintaining healthy distancing practices. Housed in our CLC, this service will include prayer, special music, an interactive message, and community discussion.

This is a great worship opportunity for small groups, Sunday school classes and friends who are yearning to be together to attend one service and interact with each other!

What about families with KIDS?

Children are ALWAYS welcome at our church! We now have TWO great options for kids and families during Open Table.

Childcare and nursery are now available during Open Table worship! You can reserve a spot for your child in one of these childcare areas when your RSVP your family for worship. Spots are limited as we keep numbers low in each classroom in order to maintain health and safety for the children and our volunteers.

The rooms upstairs along the balcony of the CLC will be childproofed and are still designated as Family Rooms for those families who are more comfortable with that option. You can reserve a room for your children to play, color, eat, etc. while parents have chairs right outside the doors on the balconies to participate in Open Table and be close to their kids.

Have a family that you are already in contact with? Reserve a Family Room together and your children can interact and play while you sit together for service!

What about masks and social distancing?

At Hilldale UMC, we believe in Loving God, Loving People, and Making This World a Better Place!

As we live into this vision while caring for public health, we are utilizing the latest information from the scientific community, public health organizations, and government leadership while applying all of that to our local situation.  

With prayer and these sources as our guide, we ask all attendees to honor the following guidelines that care for our most vulnerable and wider community:

  • If you plan on attending, please RSVP. This allows staff to prepare ahead of time and set tables at safe distances to honor each family and prioritize health.
  • When you RSVP, we will tailor your table to your family's unique needs like fun items for kids, fidget spinners for dads, and the like ;)
  • Due to the new county safety measures, masks are expected at all of our services. Please wear a mask as you enter and exit the building, and at your table unless you are eating, so that the service, community spaces, and walkways are safer for all those in attendance.
  • In order to keep our facility sanitary for other missions and services, this service is limited to the CLC areas. Hallways, classrooms, restrooms, and offices outside of this area are not open Open Table.

*If you have any questions regarding our Open Table service, please feel free to email us at

Please RSVP below!

If you are in a high risk category then you are welcome to attend Open Table, but we also have our Safe Worship service designed specifically for you. RSVP through the link below...