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HUMC Valentines

Print out valentines cards here to color, or make your own, and we will deliver!

Valentine Card Exchange!

We have a challenge for all Hilldale Kids! Sending cards is a good way to let people know that they are loved. Especially when they can’t be with you. We are asking you to make some valentine cards with simple messages of love in them.

Mrs. Kim will then come and pick up the ones you made and leave a special valentine for you.

Those cards you make are going to be mailed to some very special people who need to know they are loved. 

If your family plans to participate, let us know by filling out the quick form below!

You can make your own or print some at this link!

Printable valentines! Click here!

Are you an adult who would like to send a valentine??

Feel free to color a card :) or purchase or create them as you choose. Write a sweet note to shut in members of our church. If you will contact the office we will distribute them for you to make sure that all of our shut ins receive some love this Valentine's Day!!

You can reach us by email at office@hilldaleumc.org or by phone at 931-647-2249