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BE the Church

Find activities and resources to help you continue to BE the Church during this time of separation!

We will use this place to post ideas and resources for the people of Hilldale to continue to find ways to BE the Church even while we are separate!

Check out the details below!

DO-GOOD-DISCIPLES want to assist those who may need help with projects around the home during this time. If you know of someone who would need assistance, or if you would like to help, please contact Shannon Hogan via email

PROJECT TRANSFORMATION is seeking volunteers the week of June 15th to assist in passing out meals, being a PenPal to students in the program, or generously donating to this cause. For more information or to sign up, visit https://hilldaleumc.org/projecttransformation

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD needs SHOEBOXES! You can drop these at the church Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-12:00pm.

We are going to have an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party this summer. On Saturday, July 11th, we will have a Toddler Packing Party up on the Hill. Two rooms will be set up to pack toddler girl shoeboxes and two rooms for toddler boy shoeboxes. You will be able to pack FIVE shoeboxes during each time slot on this date. In order to maintain our social distancing and safety practices, only 10 people can pack per room, and masks MUST be worn while participating. With multiple time slots, 120 will be able to pack at this party!

If you would like to pack with a particular group, please coordinate that ahead of time.

Notes and family photos to go inside the boxes should be brought with you!

To prepare for the above packing party, we are having THREE preparation days. June 23 and 24th we will prepare boxes. July 10th, we will prepare the rooms for the packing party. Ideally, we need 8 people each day to prepare.

You can sign up ONLINE at https://hilldaleumc.org/occ

URGENT NEED FOR BLOOD DONATION The local chapter of the American Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations. Please visit


URGENT NEED FOR FACE MASKS There is an urgent need for face masks!! Rev. Carol Miller, pastor of the Yellow Creek Charge in Dickson has made over 100 masks and has requests for more. She is asking for help in making these masks. Rev. Phoebe Jowers, pastor of Mt. Zion UMC, has also been making masks. She has been sending masks to a nurse friend at LeBonheur in Memphis. You can help!

You can find instructions for the masks HERE or view a video tutorial on Youtube HERE

F.U.E.L. MINISTRY IN CLARKSVILLE There are needs in our community that we still must meet. F.U.E.L. is making bags and Hilldale is hosting! Please check out this link to find out ways you can help! F.U.E.L. Bag Packing and Donations

URBAN MINISTRIES will be coordinating take home food with other agencies. Please donate non-perishable food to UM at 217 Third Street. You do not need to come into the building, someone will come out and pick it up from their car. The phone number is 648-9090.  There is parking in front of the office labeled Loading Zone.  

SEND CARDS OR OTHER POINTS OF CONTACT Our shut-ins, older congregation members, and most vulnerable are going through this quarantine, too. The difference? They have even less contact than most. We would love for your families to find creative ways to show love to these members of our Hilldale family. Send cards, color pictures, drive by and wave! Imagine the creative ways your family could BE the Church during this time. If you'd like names and addresses, please contact us at office@hilldaleumc.org.

GROCERY SHOPPING Some of our most vulnerable members cannot safely shop for groceries in the way that they are accustomed. Are you willing to shop for someone and deliver to them? Or help with online orders for delivery, or deliver pre-ordered pick ups? This would be a great way to help our Hilldale family. **We ask that only those who are NOT part of a vulnerable group or age bracket volunteer for this ministry area**

Would you like to help? Fill out the form below and someone from the office will call you with details about the ministry of your choice!