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Real life change happens in the context of relationship: relationship with God and with God's people. One of the first steps of a new Christian or long-time Christian should be to find a place where they can grow with fellow Christians. It is ESSENTIAL to your faith that you find a place to plug-in.

With that in mind, check out these classes below and let us know where you want to visit...

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Adult Sunday School Classes


Founders Class - Leader: Beverly Cook

We study a book of the Bible at a time so there is no issue about getting in the middle of a study. We are this week beginning on chapter 9 of Luke. We go at our own speed never in any hurry to complete a chapter or for that matter a story within a chapter. We love to have them join us! In-person only.

Searchers Class - Leaders: Bruce Myers & Robert Bryant

This class enjoys doing Biblical studies utilizing video, books, and online resources. We meet in-person as well as virtually so everyone is included. Depending on the season we either follow the church calendar or utilize other popular studies to engage in growth and discussion.

Followers Class - Leader: Diane Wilson

This class has been meeting for more than 20 years. The class consists of men and women, individuals and couples. As Followers of Jesus Christ we offer an in-depth study of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, verse by verse and how it applies to our Christian lives. Diane Wilson leads the class in lecture style fully welcoming questions, comments and concerns. Each class begins with and ends with prayer. It is also a time of Christian fellowship and sharing, in and outside of class. Please, come join us! Virtual attendance available.

Friends & Followers Class - Leader: Pastor Stephen (currently)

We are a group that shares life together and engages in topical Biblical discussion around current events, a study, or even a movie with religious themes. In-person and Virtual option available.

Hogan Heroes - Leader: Shannon Hogan

We have a series we use that is one lesson at a time. Our lessons are on life application of the Bible. How do we live our lives applying the Bible. Very interactive. More of a group discussion rather than a lecture.  Currently meeting Virtually.

Nehemiah Class - Leader: David Bearden

We engage in prayer for one another and expository Scripture study by reading through books of the Bible and discussing as we go. You can jump in anytime! In-person only.


Dr. Bibb's Class - Leader: Pat Allen

This is a discussion class rather than a Bible Study, anyone can come without being concerned about arriving in the middle of a book. The teacher leads the discussion, reads passages from the book and Bible, we share our opinions on a variety of topics related to the lesson. In-person and by conference call.