UWF Reading Program 2023

United Women in Faith 2023 Reading Program

The Reading Program is a cherished United Women in Faith tradition that brings

together members in mission as they explore, share, and discuss the written word.

All are welcome to participate, youth and children too!

You do not need to be a member of a group, club, or Sunday School class to participate.

From captivating mysteries and heartfelt biographies to urgent messages about issues like immigration, racism, and mental healthcare, there’s something for everyone.

Books are available for people of all ages and reading levels!

Books that are suitable for children or youth will be listed among the five categories; look for “Suitable for children” or “Suitable for youth”following book descriptions in the Reading Program booklists.

Reading Program books are divided into five categories:

Education for Mission, Leadership Development, Nurturing for Community, Social Action, and Spiritual Growth

** Podcasts: You can also receive Reading Program credit for listening to at least two episodes of the Faith Talks podcast. Listening to at least two episodes count as the equivalent of one book in the spiritual

growth category.

***Movies such as Hidden Figures, Pushout and The Hate U Give are also eligible for credit.

To view the Reading Program Catalog with book descriptions for 2023, click on link below.

Catalogs foreligible books for years 2018-2022 can also be found from there by clicking on the link to the left, titled: Previous Reading Program Catalogs. A comprehensive Excel file of all eligible books for this year is also available to download or print.


To participate, Contact Karen Denish. Phone: 648-4212 or E-mail: denish1@juno.com.

You may also sign up on the participation form located in the Dr. Bibb classroom, children and youth too! Choose any of the 4 plans, (How many books will you read this year?)! Read at least one book from each category and an article from the Response Magazine by end of year and track your progress by recording on the reporting form. When you have completed a plan, and your reporting form you will receive recognition for participation and a certificate!

The Participation Signup Form, several books from each category of the lists, copies of the Response Magazine, and the Reading Reporting Forms are located on the bookshelf in the Dr. Bibb classroom.

Books from the lists can also be obtained from public libraries, bookstores, thrift stores, and online retailers. Most of the books can also be found electronically, to be read on just about any device. You can also use eligible Audiobooks.

Please be sure to sign out borrowed books and return in a reasonable amount of time so that others may read.

All participants can participate in optional gatherings to discuss, share experiences, and

recommendations of the books you have read.